Students enrolled in the Master’s degree in Classical Archaeology are required to carry out a curricular traineeship in order to complete and obtain the degree.

Fieldwork experience at excavation sites, archaeological parks, museums, or laboratories is a vital element to create experience combining study and work through practical training activities facilitating professional choices for a future career.

The period of curricular traineeship is determined by the number of University Credits established in the study plan. Each University Credit corresponds to 25 hours of training.

Once completed the traineeship, the student must submit to the University the Traineeship Certificate.

The Certificate is in the form of an online questionnaire. Once completed, the student will automatically receive a copy via email.

This Certificate needs to be signed by the host institution, and subsequently, the student must send it back  as a pdf document to the email address

The pdf document must be named exclusively with student’s surname and first name (“”).

The University records and updates student’s records with the Credits (CFU) obtained during traineeship within 30 days from the submission of the signed documentation.