Research Projects

Unitelma Sapienza places specific attention to the development of research, especially in scientific studies legal, economic, political, social, managerial and information technology.

In addition it finances with its own resources the University research, Unitelma Sapienza participates in competitive national and international calls, accessing funding, in a coordinating role, as part of Projects of National Interest (PRIN) and the European Framework Program for Research and Innovation (Horizon 2020).

The research objectives are mainly oriented to the analysis of issues relating to the forms of state and government and relations, the operation of the market, the economic and econometric models necessary to the understanding of the most important economic and financial phenomena, society, and in particular the information society. Specific attention is paid to the relationships between the actors operating in these different arenas and the changes taking place, with reference to relations between the public and private sectors and to the interactions between the different levels of governance (local, national and supranational).

The main challenges posed by globalization and European integration are detailed both in the context of decision-making that characterize the different modes of participation and governance of the public sphere, in relation to the legal institutions that characterize the area most typically privatized. These perspectives are analyzed in terms of reform processes linked to the new digital, legal, economic, socio-political and organizational, typical of a highly innovative, competitive and multi-level society.

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